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God’s Challenge Our Choice


GCOC Main LogoOur church is quickly approaching one of the most exciting times in our history! With great faith we look
ahead and see the plan that God has for us. No doubt we are in great need of expansion in every area of ministry. We know that God has not given us this great revival only to have it stopped by physical limitations. The mighty God is leading us and we will succeed through Him!

This endeavor is not just about raising money. We have already felt the unifying affects that it has had on us as a church and we look forward to great revival throughout this process. God’s challenge, our choice is about our families making choices now, for the future of the church!

We are very grateful for the sacrifices of all those that have come before us. We have no intention of
letting them down. We will move forward in Jesus Name! With prayer and sacrifice each of us will rise to
the occasion and achieve greater things for the Kingdom of God.

If you would like to give to this worthy cause, please mark your donations in the offering as GCOC or God’s Challenge Our Choice. We will be able to give securely online shortly!

God Bless!